HyperTron Launches HyperShot Along With a PVP Launch Event

HyperTron Launches HyperShot Along With a PVP Launch Event

HyperTron just launched their first PvP game, HyperShot, a classical take on the game of pong, with some interesting twists and cool graphical elements. Grab a custom paddle and fight other opponents to win TRX with no middle man. This is a game that requires skill so you can win more consistently the more you practice and think strategically.

An in-game screenshot taken from Crypto Samurai

The actual game board is a treasure trove to the eyes and you can see that the team has put great effort into this. It really has great production value, the sound effects are well put together and there are some room configurations you can set to make your game more unique. You can even make private rooms, by setting a password, so you can get REKT with no one knowing!

Whats even more cool is that you can set your own room price. I set my rooms to the 5-20 TRX range but there are people that go up to the hundreds of TRX.

Some of the available custom paddles

If you want to set yourself apart there is also a cool collection of custom paddles you can buy. The price for this paddles range all the way from 20 TRX to 5000 TRX. Some are indeed really cool looking and fit the theme of HyperTron properly.

All in all, this is probably the best PvP game we have for TRX at the moment and a good break from the regular mining games we see in most TRX Dapps. Its always good to take a break from checking dividends to hop on a HyperShot room and laugh at human mistakes. I can’t wait to get into some +1k TRX rooms.

The team behind HyperTron are already working on their next PvP games, HyperSpace and Snake. They are focused and have a really good community backing despite their initial hurdles with launching a new Dapp. Glad that I own a good chunk of HRX by now.

To celebrate the launch of HyperShot, HyperTron is also making an event with some cool TRX prizes and a reduced mining rate of 20%. See you in the HyperShot rooms.

Steemit is Joining TRON Ecosystem

Steemit is Joining TRON Ecosystem

The first rumors of Tron buying out Steemit started last December when Justin Sun hinted at several acquisitions in 2020. The official news has just been announced and Steemit will now be part of the Tron family, a sprawling ecosystem of hundreds of Dapps and decentralized platforms such as BitTorrent, DLive and TronTV.

As a regular user of Steemit I’m curious to see how the whole migration will take form. Several times in the past I wondered when the first real blog/content Dapp might appear in Tron. I guess this is the answer.

I was never was a huge fan of Steem Keychain so the use of TronLink with Steemit will be a breath of fresh air, along with the upgraded visuals that most Tron Dapps. For sure, Steemit will look better and have more DAU.

So far, Tron and Justin Sun are clearly winning the game and Vitalik or the other crypto leaders are sleeping on Dapps, clueless about general business strategies or marketing pro-activity.

Next up in my books is Tron buys IOST.

Betfury Grand Upgrade

Betfury Grand Upgrade

This grand upgrade has been in the workshop for the past weeks but its finally here and includes a lot of changes. Here is a list with some of them:

  • BetFury now allows you to play with USDT (minimum bet of 0.01 USDT)
  • New KENO game (looks and feels awesome)
  • Update to Hi-Lo (fairness information)
  • Live casino (finally you can enjoy the babes in Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat)
  • New slot games plus a Weekly Slots Competition
  • New table games
  • Ability to play with BFG and earn extra BFG
  • Launch of a News section
KENO is a classic game among casino enthusiasts

All in all this improvements are really good. In terms of polish and quality BetFury is still king of the hill in the casino Dapp space. The USDT layout integration is top notch, clear and evident. A clear example of what should be done to the smaller Dapps.

You can read more information on this grand upgrade in the Medium article: https://medium.com/betfury-io/changes-are-coming-usdt-release-grand-betfury-update-233b00208100

StableTewkens to Launch Later Today

StableTewkens to Launch Later Today

The next development in the Tewkenaire ecosystem is about to go live later today. This Bankroll Credits type contract, called StableTewkens, is very easy to understand and is in high demand as 2020 is paved to be the first big year for DeFi.

The fee structure is very simple as well, 8% goes to the dividend pool, 1% for development fees and 1% for the original Tewkenaire smart contract, which now is called Crazy. This is the first step for Tewkenaire to get a running network of Dapps. This strategy is crucial for successful Dapps in 2020.

We are yet to see the biggest development for Tewkenaire this year and Stable / Crazy is only the foundation of more interesting thinks to come. Stay tunned.

Tewkenaire to Launch Auto Compound Bot

Tewkenaire to Launch Auto Compound Bot

Tewkenaire will launch a fast Autoroll Bot at the launch of StableTewkens to insure that everyone has a chance to make a strong position in the staking cycle at the start.

The main two features of this application is, auto roll your rewards and automatic desktop notifications.

With this app you will make your reinvestment action passive and get a better yield long term.

1 Million $TRX New Year Campaign

1 Million $TRX New Year Campaign

During the event , all players who have Frozen LUCKY will share the 1 Million TRX award. At the same time , the daily betting champions can get 1000 TRX prize every day. Wish you a happy time!


UTC 12:00 16th,Dec,2019 — UTC 12:00 31st ,Dec,2019


(1)LUCKY Frozen Leaderboard

After the event, top 5 users who freeze most amount of LUCKY Token will separately win 450,000 TRX,250,000 TRX,100,000 TRX,60,000 TRX and 35,000 TRX; The 6th-15th users will share 60,000 TRX according to the amount of LUCKY they hold; All players ranked after 16th will share 30,000 TRX rewards according to the LUCKY amount they frozen. The rewards will be sent away after the event.

(2)Daily Champion Leaderboard

During the event, daily champions betting with TRX can win 1000 TRX. The calculating cycle starts from UTC 12:00 of the day to UTC 12:00 of the next day. The rewards will be sent away after the event.

(3)Tronlink APP betting rewards

During the event, users search tronup in Tronlink App and bet with TRX, users can get 500 UP rewards with minimum 3000 TRX. The rewards will be sent away after the event.

Read the full details: https://medium.com/@service_66501/1-million-trx-new-year-campaign-swap-lucky-and-get-huge-dividend-9f4c3de0cebb