1 Million $TRX New Year Campaign

During the event , all players who have Frozen LUCKY will share the 1 Million TRX award. At the same time , the daily betting champions can get 1000 TRX prize every day. Wish you a happy time!


UTC 12:00 16th,Dec,2019 — UTC 12:00 31st ,Dec,2019


(1)LUCKY Frozen Leaderboard

After the event, top 5 users who freeze most amount of LUCKY Token will separately win 450,000 TRX,250,000 TRX,100,000 TRX,60,000 TRX and 35,000 TRX; The 6th-15th users will share 60,000 TRX according to the amount of LUCKY they hold; All players ranked after 16th will share 30,000 TRX rewards according to the LUCKY amount they frozen. The rewards will be sent away after the event.

(2)Daily Champion Leaderboard

During the event, daily champions betting with TRX can win 1000 TRX. The calculating cycle starts from UTC 12:00 of the day to UTC 12:00 of the next day. The rewards will be sent away after the event.

(3)Tronlink APP betting rewards

During the event, users search tronup in Tronlink App and bet with TRX, users can get 500 UP rewards with minimum 3000 TRX. The rewards will be sent away after the event.

Read the full details: https://medium.com/@service_66501/1-million-trx-new-year-campaign-swap-lucky-and-get-huge-dividend-9f4c3de0cebb

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