This is my Dapps & Blockchain website and investment log.

Blockchain technology represents a generational opportunity to mutualize database infrastructure across entities within financial services. What that translates into is an enormous cost-saving, risk-reducing, and capital-enhancing opportunity.

Blythe Masters

On Dapp Investor I share interesting information and opinions around new and existing Dapps and related tokens.

Website Structure and Goal

From the start I wanted to keep Dapp Investor simple, easy to understand and future proof. Such simple vision is hard to follow when the environment around you is always changing. Dapp Investor will always focus in simplicity and readability. All content will be written exclusively by me. There won’t be any outsourced work.

Just a really niche specific goal: how to make money passively with Dapps and grow the Dapp scene.

I will also write about how to make money passively with investments online, offline and the odd financial hack.


Content types:

  • Token
  • Blockchains
  • Wallet
  • Dapp
  • Strategy
  • Post – mostly news, opinions and reinvestment logs.

You will notice that each of this content type entries have a “Personal notes” section where I log my daily notes. This is also useful for me.


Share my journal of how I got financially free from work with blockchain Dapps and other investment sources while provide real actionable advice. I also wish to make a positive contribution to the Dapp scene.

My Crypto History

I got the crypto bug in the summer of 2017 when I first bought Ethereum and Monero. After a while TRON got known and the first dApps like WINk started appearing. At first I was hesitant mostly because of the risk and the narrow related subject.

For almost two years all I did was DCA into TRON and just froze my bag of TRX while earning 5% a year with compounding power. It was relatively worse then P2P investment platforms where I was earning 6-12% with some risk (I got some defaults). Then I got to know CITYUPTAKE, researched a bit before putting any my money in, hanged around their Telegram channel for two weeks (my first channel, hah), and then I just decided to put the TRX in. I never sold those CITYUPTAKE tokens and the returns are still an incredible 40%-60% a year. You guess what happened next.

With my first CITYUPTAKE weekly rewards I loaded TronLink and started investing in WINk (TronBet at the time) and other diverse set of Dapps on the TRON blockchain. Soon I was managing more then eight TRX wallets and calculating ROIs. On Telegram I was all over the place seeking more advice and new dividend pools to quickly invest and get the full ROI.

I also started playing with other blockchains like IOST. I was hyped with the returns but I needed to structure my strategies into cohesive actionable steps with exit plans and sound math. Then Dapp Investor was born.