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TRON Dapp Data Summary 2018 vs 2019

TRON Dapp Data Summary 2018 vs 2019

TRON’s pace of development is set to continue increasing as 2020 rolls around. TRON’s mainnet launch was in 2018, and, since then, the number of Dapps and transactions has been increasing organically over time.

With the most recent acquisition of DLive the number of transactions is about to increase significantly until the end of this quarter.

Setting the stage for future blockchain project acquisitions, TRON Foundation might be interested in other takeovers thereby increasing the number of transactions even further. The deployment of sidechains is essential to support this strategy of mass conquest.

We are witnessing the maturation of blockchain tech, not as single feature but as a tech platform to be built upon, to extend and enhance current products on the market.

TRON is looking really good right now versus other blockchains with no Dapps, ecosystem or proper leadership vision and guidance. Hard to believe I was here before the mainnet launch and other chains have done practically zero.

Poloniex Platform Fee Discounts for TRX Holders

Poloniex Platform Fee Discounts for TRX Holders

Customers who hold TRX in their Poloniex account or use TRX to pay their trading fees will receive a maximum discount of 30% on their maker and taker fees. Beyond trading fee discounts Poloniex TRX holders and traders will be eligible for future incentives, such as airdrops, listings, and competitions.

TRON Acquires DLive

TRON Acquires DLive

TRON just announced their most recent acquisition of DLive, a popular blockchain-based content sharing platform that is already very known in the crypto scene. DLive and BitTorrent will now work together in merging their best technologies to foster mass adoption. DLive will now use BitTorrent’s decentralized storage solution (BTFS).

DLive has grown in the past 15 months having over five million monthly recurring users. They also have mobile apps with real active users.

According to the migration timeline, DLive will merge its account system with BitTorrent’s. This is an undervalued move as people start using the official BitTorrent clients to seed other types of contents while making revenues and getting introduced to the whole TRX Dapp ecosystem.

This is a really good acquisition by TRON. I’m eager to see and use the final product.

BetFury Booongo Christmas Tournament

BetFury Booongo Christmas Tournament

Booongo, a splot provider for BetFury is launching an excitement tournament in the following slot games:

Dragon Pearls: hold and win, Lucky Xmas, Sun of Egypt, Poisoned Apple 2, Scarab Riches, Olympian Gods, Vikings Winter, Book of Sun: Multichance, 777 gems, Viking’s Gods Gold, God’s Temple Deluxe

The rules are simple:

1. Play the hottest Booongo slots
2. Get points and climb in leaderboard
3. Win prizes from total progressive prize pool over 1 600 000 TRX

Booongo Progressive Prize Pool

Prize pool distribution:

1st place — 15%
2nd place — 10%
3rd place — 8%
4–5 places — 6%(12%)
6–10 places — 3% (15%)
11–50 places — 0.5% (20%)
51–100places — 0.2% (10%)
101–200 places — 0.1% (10%)
Provider Contribution — 0.3%

Zethyr to Launch Lending

Zethyr to Launch Lending

Zethyr is a sleeper exchange on the TRX blockchain that allows you to earn dividends with the ZTR token. You earn this ZTR token by simply using the platform to trade several tokens that are now listed. The fees you produce are partially given back in the form of ZTR.

Now the platform is looking into enter the lending segment by providing loans against two types of collaterals, BTT and WIN token. Only WIN produces a yield, 0.04% daily to be precise. When you request and take a loan in Zethyr you also keep earning the WIN dividends during your loan repayment period. This has the potential to be the ultimate DeFi leverage machine.

Personally I’m eager to see other types of collaterals but this is indeed a good start. Here is an explanation video:

TronTopia About to Launch Seasons

TronTopia About to Launch Seasons

TronTopia is getting ready to launch Seasons, the first anti-dilution rewards model in the Dapp space.

This anti-dilution dividend structure has been in the works for the past months after running TronTopia and observing the common flaws in the Dapp space, the rampant dilution that pledges most token economies.

The only minable token right now in TronTopia is going to be vouchers. You will be able to burn vouchers for the Seasonal Rewards Pool (SRP), TSHARES or for the new Vault Mini-Game. The SRP will receive 70% of the rake from Classic Dice, Ultimate Dice, Lucky1 and Ultimate Dice Side bets. Seasons will take 10 days to end and the SRP will distribute 30% of the dividends daily and 100% on the final day.

When a season ends all the vouchers you used for the SRP will be converted into TOPIA at a 1:1 conversion rate. Then the voucher token will completely reset to start another season.

Vouchers won’t be transferable so they won’t be in any exchange or in any form of OTC market.

Its highly advised to read the linked Medium article at the bottom of this post to grasp the possible strategies that can be applied within seasons in TronTopia.

We are very excited to experience the first season and how the community experience is going to be. Seasons is definitely a good way to reboot a Dapp while providing theme, different strategic elements and long term appeal for the common investor.

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