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Guppy’s New Dashboard and Start of The Second Round Sale

Guppy’s New Dashboard and Start of The Second Round Sale

Guppys might be one of the most promising projects at the moment, generating a lot of interest among known and established players in the Dapp arena. They launched today a new version of their dashboard, still with some miner work pending, and also launched the second round sale of FRY but now in the TRX blockchain.

Demand has been increasing but the project is still not very well known and understood in the TRX Dapp space. A perfect opportunity to scoop up some cheap FRY while its possible.

Guppys might be the first project that resembles a fund of Dapp tokens resembling a typical Index Fund.

IOST Gets Added to Newpool

IOST Gets Added to Newpool

Newpool just added IOST to their staking lineup. Generate income through staking on chain now with IOST.

Newpool is a decentralized Staking pool that uses the method of staking on chain to generate revenue for users, without transferring coins, “0” risk, flexible exit with more freedom, and creating millions of dollars in revenue for users every year.

iPirates to Launch in 9 Hours

iPirates to Launch in 9 Hours

iPirates, the new casino Dapp in the IOST blockchain is about to go live. iPirates is a takeover of IOSTPLAY by the Guppys team and holders. Holders of iPLAY will greatly benefit from this new development as the returns were dwindling for some time. And what makes this Dapp different? High leader-board prizes and instant dividend payouts will generate a lot of early volume and revenue fees for iPLAY and i/FRY holders.

iPirates Tokenomics

Token: LOOT
Decimals: 8
Total Supply: 5 Billion
Chain: IOST
Mineable: Yes

Mining Schedule:

20 IOST to mine 1 LOOT
Rounds: 200
LOOT per Round: 25MM
Difficulty Increase: 1 IOST

Dividend Structure:

12% Paid Daily on House Edge
5% Allocated for daily IOST Leaderboard
4% Allocated for weekly LOOT Leaderboard
79% Daily carry forward

Token Distribution:

For every 1 LOOT mined, 1 LOOT will be mined for the House. This is a 50/50 dividend model.

Distribution of House LOOT – Breakdown of the House 50%:

27% to iPLAY Holders (will be swapped for new token called BOOTY)
27% to i/FRY Holders (they actually own the bankroll players play against)
18% to devs
18% to marketing/promo/admin/legal
10% to FishnChips Reinvestment Account

Encapsulated Token Model

Players will have the ability to pledge/freeze their LOOT as well as the ability to wager LOOT with any of our games to win more LOOT or to rank up the weekly LOOT wagered leaderboard. LOOT tokens will not be available for trade or sale. The only way to get them is to play/mine games at or to win more using LOOT as a playable asset. LOOT won by the house will be 100% burned.

Instant Dividend Payout

The first onchain dividend model that allows LOOT holders to claim dividends in real time. No more logging in at a specific time, claim them while you play or days later. The smart contract will track your dividends and allow for instant payouts when you need them.

iPirates Dividend Pool Passes The 10 Million IOST Mark

iPirates Dividend Pool Passes The 10 Million IOST Mark

iPirates dividend pool just passed 10 million IOST putting the IOST blockchain back in the spotlight as the Dapp tops the listing pages in Dapp Review and Dapp Radar. When most Dapps are turning off-chain, the IOST blockchain is able to sustain a very high number of transactions with speed and low cost.

iPirates house edge indirectly pumps the entire Guppys ecosystem by distributing his income into Fishnchips, previous iPLAY holders and current i/FRY holders. This is a good way to bring miners into the Guppys ecosystem while still not having any i/FRY holdings.

Needless to say that most Guppys whales went hard into iPirates expecting longer lasting investment returns. This is possible by the rollover dividend model similar to Betfury and big daily and weekly leader-board incentives. The tokenomics were precisely set with long-term in mind.

Having a strong community backing such as Guppys is enough to make most people safe in what to expect with this iPLAY takeover. We are excited with what iPirates is going to turn into.