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Get Rewards by Staking Inverse Synths

Get Rewards by Staking Inverse Synths



Relevant is a new content sharing platform where users can share content, links and media while earning REL for curation rewards. The overall concept resembles a lot Steemit but with a more journalistic and formal approach.

What Makes Relevant Special

There are a lot of positive things going on for Relevant even at this early stage of development but lets try to resume everything into simple paragraphs.

Its based out of New York and the founder also owns a traditional Marketing Agency. This is kinda important and implies already an established development team that can make good looking and functional applications. Building a Dapp like Relevant platform isn’t probably the most difficult thing that they have done my a mile.

Relevant is backed by Coinbase Ventures which already must pass a set list of criteria thereby giving Relevant a special kind of credibility. Something out of an exit scam is going to be hard on this one.

Along with the traditional web platform Relevant also has an Android and iOS app already, and most importantly, they work perfectly. The product is well put together. Surprisingly cohesive product experience with no annoyances or things out of place in terms of UI and design.

Relevant’s homepage feed

It seems that the platform is tailored to the crypto crowd of 2020 but still populated by normies. They have streamlined account creation and you can create an account with your Twitter handle and afterwards verify your email if you wish so. Embedded on the website are several links to the REL Uniswap listing which means they want to increase the volume and get traction and interest with the current Uniswap craze. Currently there is no other exchange for REL.


Market cap is 27M REL according to Etherscan but that is not the circulating supply as 5.5M are set aside for Curation Rewards, 5M REL for an Airdrop Fund, 4M REL for development expenses and 5.5M for a reserve fund. Its really hard to calculate the real circulating supply at this point but looking at the holders on Etherscan there is no clear whale right now, biggest non-team wallet has around 24k REL (24k USD as of today) and 99.4% of the supply is going to the development “ecosystem” as it seems.

We really know how hard it is to have something so new and that checks several boxes already. Plus you can use it everyday like a Dapp while earning REL passively. Its really a breath of fresh air.