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BetFury Booongo Christmas Tournament

BetFury Booongo Christmas Tournament

Booongo, a splot provider for BetFury is launching an excitement tournament in the following slot games:

Dragon Pearls: hold and win, Lucky Xmas, Sun of Egypt, Poisoned Apple 2, Scarab Riches, Olympian Gods, Vikings Winter, Book of Sun: Multichance, 777 gems, Viking’s Gods Gold, God’s Temple Deluxe

The rules are simple:

1. Play the hottest Booongo slots
2. Get points and climb in leaderboard
3. Win prizes from total progressive prize pool over 1 600 000 TRX

Booongo Progressive Prize Pool

Prize pool distribution:

1st place — 15%
2nd place — 10%
3rd place — 8%
4–5 places — 6%(12%)
6–10 places — 3% (15%)
11–50 places — 0.5% (20%)
51–100places — 0.2% (10%)
101–200 places — 0.1% (10%)
Provider Contribution — 0.3%

Fishnchips to Launch Today!

Fishnchips to Launch Today!

fishnchips in ambassador buyin period.

Fishnchips is set to launch today at 01/12/2019 10 PM GMT, in the IOST blockchain. Fishnchips is currently in the ambassador period and was able to gather around 11.4 million IOST just from ambassadors alone. Keep in mind that there is still 7 hours left for this period to end so we might see an even bigger number. The i/FRY investment fund will later today add another 3 million IOST to the contract.

In terms of goals the IOST node minimum requirement of 8 million IOST is already achieved. The IOST node rewards will feed into Fishnchips creating the first perpetual dividend machine in the crypto space. At least, no one ever tried a complex mechanism such as this. Its possible that similar feats might appear in TRX with less SR node rewards however.

If the contract breaks into several dozens of millions of IOST it will create a very visible and prominent node in the IOST ecosystem. This will create a unique scenario and advantage that is not easy to copycat or mimic.

IOST personnel is shilling the project in their Telegram channel so we might see IOST wales coming into Fishnchips rather than just simply staking for node rewards.

Make sure you don’t miss this one!

Tewkenaire’s Successful Launch

Tewkenaire’s Successful Launch

TRON’s latest big and promising Dapp, Tewkenaire, just launched last Sunday. Tewkenaire paves the way for the next DeFi wave of Dapps in blockchain. With an impressive list of known ambassadors in the crypto community, Tewkenaire is tackling the long term limitations of current Dapps. Tewkenaire is a true community effort that fosters sustainability and wants to bring Dapps together in order to create a more cohesive and safe ecosystem.

Tewkenaire brands itself as a Transparent Virtual Deposit Smart Contract. Indeed, the simple Smart Contract behind the project is Open Source and easily verifiable on Tronscan. In that regard, Tewkenaire is miles ahead of the pack, making it more transparent. Its the next logic evolution in Dapp management.

For Tewkenaire, basic tokenomics are centered around a simple hourglass Smart Contract. But, much more is yet to come in the form of in-house Dapps, partner Dapps and all around utility. The community is thrilled for the next installments the ambassadors are about to brainstorm and put together.

During the official public launch, contract balance quickly passed the 12 million TRX mark in under a couple of minutes, creating a stir in Telegram. Much speculation was put around the launch when the project has a long-term goal and vision. Just too early to properly calculate Tewken’s real value.

Buying Tewkens is the best and safest crypto investment you will probably make. There is a marketing machine behind it and over 50 known ambassadors protecting your investment. Compare that to the current fishy Dapp landscape, think in that for a moment and let it sink in. Yep. It makes a whole lot of sense to buy and HODL Tewkens long-term, while making steady and consistent dividend gains as the ecosystem around it matures.

Tron Partners with Fintech Firm Simplex

Tron Partners with Fintech Firm Simplex

Simplex just announced a partnership with Tron that will enable the purchase of TRX directly with a Credit Card. Simplex is a payment processor that is gaining a lot of ground in the blockchain space and is already working with the industry giants like Binance, KuCoin, Huobi and others.

This is definitely a really good progress for the Tron blockchain that is still reliant on Binance and Coinbase.