Dapp Returns vs The Rest

Dapp income can literally change your life if you invest smart and safe. New hyped dividend pools can literally ROI in under 5 days. All you need is a proper initial investment amount, some patience, 6 to 8 successful ROIs and you’re set. In this page you can check my comparison to other investment vehicles that I’m also investing in, for good and bad. Lets start.

Real estate

Somewhat slow money and it will take many years to compound and execute, but, once you’re set it really is an indestructible, multi-generational wealth vehicle. I don’t know if crypto in its current form, will be around for long, but real estate will be for sure.

My advice is to never start with real estate, because if you get a bad tenant, a bad deal or just bad luck, it will take many years to recover financially and that will delay your financial plan and freedom.

I target for a 20% annual return but sh*t happens, so I always got like 14-16% a year yield. It also takes some work.


Peer to Peer lending platforms were all the rage a few years a go. There are a lot of platforms nowadays but the best I consider to be Mintos. I have tried several and I have lost a small amount of money in defaults to platforms that don’t include buyback guarantees. You have been warned. Always invest with Buyback Guarantee and even that is not 100% safe. You need to research who is the loan institution who is providing the loans, their risk ratios and so on. Good thing is that there is a lot of information around the net about this companies.

In the European zone I’m always getting ~12% net return a year but other zones like Russia and near its a whooping ~18% net return a year. In Mintos, in some loans you can actually see the loan goal, and most of the time, its an Eastern Block person getting a loan for a car.


  • Mostly passive and runs on autopilot.
  • Huge compounding power upside.
  • DCA is dead simple. If you send Euros to your Mintos account it will fall under the EUR account/tab automatically and the auto strategy runs immediately so your funds gets allocated quickly. I never had money sitting idle.


  • Takes time to move funds around when you have it invested in +24 months loan.

Classic cars – WIP


MMO means Make Money Online, either with classic banners, affiliate networks or other types of paid promotions like newsletter marketing, post promotion or link promotion for SEO benefits. I used to be very good at this and had a company, in downtown for four years, earning most of the income from AdSense alone. I was even invited to Google Publisher events. Due to decreasing AdSense earnings (Facebook and Instagram got big) and the constant changes to the Google ranking algorithm I was forced to scale down and a few years ago I closed the business. But, I still keep some websites, and the daily drops adds up over time. My oldest website is 13 years old already and its “frozen” in time, almost no maintenance required.


  • Mostly passive if you have something unique or long lasting.


  • Sounds easy in theory but in practice its very hard to achieve consistent earnings. If you want to earn fast get a temporary job or something. No joke! Best earning websites are hobby related where the owner just slapped an AdSense banner because the website already had a big audience and a big number of visits per day. You can go my route (hint: don’t) and piece together thousands of pages and cross informational databases for small drops of income on a daily. Not worth the effort nowadays.
  • Google rankings. They change it ALL the time. Pandas owned my a** even when I had content written my PhDs backed by five to six study references.
  • Saturation and it will get only worse. Pick a topic, thousands of people have already written something about it or a combination of.

Dividend income – WIP

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