Guppys is a Dapp on the IOST blockchain, where investors initially could lend IOST or iPLAY to borrowers that needed IOST to gamble in casino Dapps like IOSTPLAY or any other IOST Dapp.

Management team

Management team is not anon and has ties with IOSTPlay, another not anon and established team.

Personal notes

01/12/2019 – Fishnchips to Launch Today

22/11/2019 – Fishnchips.

12/11/2019 – FOMO Dapp launched.

09/11/2019 – Guppys just announced a partnership with Tewkenaire. This small Dapp from Guppys will buy Tewkens from Tewkenaire.

08/11/219 – After much anticipation Guppys receives the first dividends and prizes from BetFury. Holders rejoice as the dividends keep raining all days of the week.

25/10/2019 – Guppys Releases Proposal Dapp Tool

17/10/2019 – Second round sale has started and FOMO is starting to creep in: Guppy’s New Dashboard and Start of The Second Round Sale

16/10/2019 – Redesign UI mock-up has been leaked and looks really promising. First iFRY round sale is almost over with 1429 iFRY remaining. iFRY holders and Guppys mining pool have been successfully mining ROCKET from RocketGame in order to generate referral fees for Guppys and also win and redistribute leader-board prizes. Project with very strong meta levels. Will go far.

15/10/2019 – New Leaked Photos of Guppys Next Blackjack Game

09/10/2019 – I have been pleasantly surprised by the recent developments in Guppys Dapp. Right now Guppys probably has the best DeFi vision in place for long term investors like me. This week they launched a new game, Roulette, under the BAIT token. BAIT is a special token that can’t be easily mined because there is no auto roll feature. From looking at Guppy’s Baitshop it seems prepared to receive more games in the future and I know that a major redesign of the entire website is in progress. The future looks bright for this Dapp.

The new Roulette game looks really good.

07/28/2019 – I started to invest in Guppys at the middle of June/2019, with 1000 IOST to start. The good think about Guppys is that you can reinvest each day giving you an amazing compounding power. I’m long in Guppys and along with daily reinvestments I’m also buying IOST just to lend in Guppys.

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