iPirates Dividend Pool Passes The 10 Million IOST Mark

iPirates dividend pool just passed 10 million IOST putting the IOST blockchain back in the spotlight as the Dapp tops the listing pages in Dapp Review and Dapp Radar. When most Dapps are turning off-chain, the IOST blockchain is able to sustain a very high number of transactions with speed and low cost.

iPirates house edge indirectly pumps the entire Guppys ecosystem by distributing his income into Fishnchips, previous iPLAY holders and current i/FRY holders. This is a good way to bring miners into the Guppys ecosystem while still not having any i/FRY holdings.

Needless to say that most Guppys whales went hard into iPirates expecting longer lasting investment returns. This is possible by the rollover dividend model similar to Betfury and big daily and weekly leader-board incentives. The tokenomics were precisely set with long-term in mind.

Having a strong community backing such as Guppys is enough to make most people safe in what to expect with this iPLAY takeover. We are excited with what iPirates is going to turn into.

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