Our Dapps

Welcome to the Dapp Investor ecosystem of decentralized applications. Our ecosystem is built around website and content monetization, while leveraging the growing economy in the Dapp space.

Dapp Investor is the first Website-Dapp-Hybrid to truly decentralize the Internet.


Our Staking Dapp is the entry point to the Dapp Investor ecosystem. Stake your TRX to earn dividends daily and make a position in the project!


The Tips Dapp is a companion Dapp that allow users of dappinvestor.net to tip content authors on the website with TRX.

  • State: LIVE
  • Fees
    • Dev: 1%
    • Insurance: 10%


The Comments Dapp is a companion Dapp that allow users to leave comments and earn TRX rewards.

  • State: In development (early production)
  • Fees
    • Dev: 1%
    • Insurance: 10%

Insurance Program

The Insurance Program is not really a Dapp but a builtin coverage mechanism to protect all the Dapps built under the dappinvestor.net project. Its nature is diversified, working as an insurance wallet and also as an investment fund of other Dapp tokens. Accrued dividends are distributed to the Staking dapp participants according to their staked amount.

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