Trontopia DIAMOND Strategy #1 – 9250 TRX

Trontopia is looking really good with their most recent improvements to their platform. This dApp has gained enough momentum that the dividend payments should continue for some time. In the works there is also a new DEX and a new style of game that will contribute 80% to the dividend pool.

So I bought 12 diamonds at ROUND 1 and 2 diamonds at ROUND 2 for a total investment of 9250 TRX. ROUND 3 and 4 sold really fast so in that regard I feel lucky that I got in early and I was able to buy most of them at ROUND 1. However, its a very small amount but enough to execute a ROI strategy.

Dividend payments

Total1853,01 (20% of ROI)
Day 119,07 TRX
Day 215,64 TRX
Day 326,46 TRX
Day 411,10 TRX
Day 533,61 TRX
Day 6629,79 TRX
Day 7503,34 TRX
Day 8382,91 TRX
Day 950,91 TRX
Day 1074,44 TRX
Day 11105,54 TRX

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