WINk Strategy #2 – 3000 EUR – 149000 TRX

Because WINk Strategy #1 was so successful and simply to implement I decided to invest even more. The 3000 EUR was created out of thin air, with a newly minted *Credit Card*. Yes I know. Risky!

I had a few days to make this work before the WINk launchpad on Binance. Expectations were trough the roof with people saying a x20 return was to be expected. Because Binance now uses lottery allocation it was impossible that my entire 3000 EUR stack would be converted into the new WIN token. But, yes, I was really hyped with the possibility of seeing my 3000 EUR investment turning into 60000 EUR in a single event. That is a crazy amount, enough to buy two houses in my country area.

The total amount was going into the WINk platform regardless, remaining BNB after the lottery allocation was to be reconverted into TRX and simply used to mine DICE.

Personal notes

24/08/2019 – Cumulative Earnings at 68300 TRX.

01/08/2019 – Decided that after total ROI is achieved and if the DICE token is tradable I’ll simply sell it to get the new WIN token. Current dividends are used to buy more WIN or invest in new projects.

31/07/2019 – Finished mining all the 149000 TRX in two days and got 46150 frozen DICE. Now I will just let it ROI while paying the Credit Card monthly payments. I’m planning on increasing the balance of the CC to leverage into more crypto high yield dApps. Stay tuned.

30/07/2019 – Massive failure because I failed to accrue the necessary amount of BNB to even buy a single ticket, by 12 cents of BNB. Weekend and all that. So the entire stack got converted into TRX, almost exactly 149000 TRX, and invested into DICE mining in a newly created TRX wallet.

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