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TronTopia: Ultimate Dice Challenge

TronTopia: Ultimate Dice Challenge

Starting 10-4-19, until Monday, 10-7-19 @1pm EST, TronTopia is running a SPECIAL EVENT!


1st 90,000 TRX
2nd 45,000 TRX
3rd 22,500 TRX
4th 15,000 TRX
5th 12,500 TRX
6th 9,000 TRX
7th 8,500 TRX
8th 7,500 TRX
9th 7,000 TRX
10th 5,500 TRX
11th 5,000 TRX
12th 4,500 TRX
13th 4,000 TRX
14th 3,500 TRX
15th 3,000 TRX
16th 2,500 TRX
17th 2,000 TRX
18th 1,500 TRX
19th 1,000 TRX
20th 500 TRX


ICONBet Launches Dice

ICONBet Launches Dice

Me playing dice on ICONBet

As expected, ICONBet, the leading Dapp on the ICON blockchain, just released their new game by popular demand, Dice.

This dice variation has ability for sidebets, adding further strategy elements to the game. Maximum bet is 10457 ICX, around 1400 USD as of today! This is really a great opportunity to simply mine more TAP tokens.

The future looks promising for this Dapp as Blackjack as been announced and to be included next.

TronTopia About to Launch Seasons

TronTopia About to Launch Seasons

TronTopia is getting ready to launch Seasons, the first anti-dilution rewards model in the Dapp space.

This anti-dilution dividend structure has been in the works for the past months after running TronTopia and observing the common flaws in the Dapp space, the rampant dilution that pledges most token economies.

The only minable token right now in TronTopia is going to be vouchers. You will be able to burn vouchers for the Seasonal Rewards Pool (SRP), TSHARES or for the new Vault Mini-Game. The SRP will receive 70% of the rake from Classic Dice, Ultimate Dice, Lucky1 and Ultimate Dice Side bets. Seasons will take 10 days to end and the SRP will distribute 30% of the dividends daily and 100% on the final day.

When a season ends all the vouchers you used for the SRP will be converted into TOPIA at a 1:1 conversion rate. Then the voucher token will completely reset to start another season.

Vouchers won’t be transferable so they won’t be in any exchange or in any form of OTC market.

Its highly advised to read the linked Medium article at the bottom of this post to grasp the possible strategies that can be applied within seasons in TronTopia.

We are very excited to experience the first season and how the community experience is going to be. Seasons is definitely a good way to reboot a Dapp while providing theme, different strategic elements and long term appeal for the common investor.

Read more: https://medium.com/@TRONTOPIA/welcome-to-topia-seasons-30a50cd94637

TronBet / WINk

TronBet / WINk

WINk is a casino dApp where players can play Dice, Moon and other casino games while earning DICE, LIVE and RAKE tokens.

Investors can earn passive income by staking DICE and LIVE token.

Currently WINk is the biggest dApp on the TRON blockchain.