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Tewkenaire to Launch Auto Compound Bot

Tewkenaire to Launch Auto Compound Bot

Tewkenaire will launch a fast Autoroll Bot at the launch of StableTewkens to insure that everyone has a chance to make a strong position in the staking cycle at the start.

The main two features of this application is, auto roll your rewards and automatic desktop notifications.

With this app you will make your reinvestment action passive and get a better yield long term.

Tewkenaire’s First Partner Dapp is Launched

Tewkenaire’s First Partner Dapp is Launched

Tewkenaire’s first partnership has already produced a FOMO Dapp from Guppys. This Dapp is a good example in how both partners benefit from cooperation.

This Dapp from Guppys is strategically built around the ongoing crowd sale. As you buy FRY, 5% of the purchase will buy Tewkens and add that amount to the current FRY bankroll. This Dapp will automatically allocate FRY’s funds to produce dividends for FRY holders. A really good win-win situation.

Assuming the current sell price of 1210 TRX per FRY and upwards, Guppys will buy almost half a million TRX worth of Tewkens during the crowd sale phase.

After the crowd sale Guppys will also buy Tewkens as holders swap FRY back and forth to hard Dapp token assets. Assuming Guppys reaches crypto mainstream we can induce that this partnership will steadily increase Tewkenaire’s floor in the long run.

This might also be a good opportunity to learn about Guppys.

The FOMO Dapp can be found here: https://www.guppys.io/tron/#



Tewkenaire is an hourglass Dapp running in the TRX blockchain. Its the latest and best iteration for a hourglass Smart Contract, with the founder being Trevon James and the development team consisting of known and established developers from the Frag Token project. There is also a list of Tewkenaire ambassadors, known in the crypto space, that promote the Dapp on a regular basis. Tewkenaire’s Smart Contract code has been audited by a third party as well.

The founder of Tewkenaire, Trevon James, has been in the crypto space and Dapp space for several years, and has gathered a following in the scene. Before Tewkenaire’s official launch several ambassadors were handpicked, and, together with Trevon Jame’s promotional leverage, they are the force behind the project.

Tewkenaire differs from other typical hourglasses in several ways. There is no pre-mine and the seed wallet from Trevon James can’t dump, it can only reinvest, and when it withdraws, it rains dividends on all investors. Basically the seed wallet is used for promotional events and as a proof of ROI concept.

The ambassador wallets are also restricted to these rules as well. In a nutshell, Tewkenaire is the first Dapp projected to last forever, as long as the TRX blockchain remains working and functional. Ambassadors and Trevon James have financial interest to keep this Dapp running with volume for as long as possible. The Open Source Smart Code guarantees no possible emotional exits or hacks.

In order to maintain volume Tewkenaire is seeking partner Dapps and develop in-house Dapps to keep the volume high and the dividends rolling for all investors. Currently Tewkenaire has Frag Token as partner Dapp / Token.

Current entry fee is 10% and the exit fee 10%. 1% of this fee is used to buy Frag Token.

Management team

Tewkenaire’s management team consists of Trevon James while also receiving input from the partner developers and the ambassadors.

Personal notes

27/10/2019 – Website with the countdown is online: https://tewkenaire.com/