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Zethyr to Launch Lending

Zethyr to Launch Lending

Zethyr is a sleeper exchange on the TRX blockchain that allows you to earn dividends with the ZTR token. You earn this ZTR token by simply using the platform to trade several tokens that are now listed. The fees you produce are partially given back in the form of ZTR.

Now the platform is looking into enter the lending segment by providing loans against two types of collaterals, BTT and WIN token. Only WIN produces a yield, 0.04% daily to be precise. When you request and take a loan in Zethyr you also keep earning the WIN dividends during your loan repayment period. This has the potential to be the ultimate DeFi leverage machine.

Personally I’m eager to see other types of collaterals but this is indeed a good start. Here is an explanation video:

Zethyr Exchange 2.0 is here (almost)

Zethyr Exchange 2.0 is here (almost)

Dear Zethyrians,

We are in the final testing phase of Zethyr Exchange 2.0 which promises to give TRON traders liquidity that has never been available on any DEX, be it on TRON, ETH or any other blockchains. For now, we will bring Binance liquidity to Zethyr for the following pairs: WIN/TRX, BTT/TRX, WIN/USDT, BTT/USDT and TRX/USDT.

Soon, we will add liquidity from other exchanges, such as Huobi and Poloniex, to Zethyr.

So, now you can enjoy the huge liquidity of your favorite trading pairs together with the ease, anonymity and safety of the TRON blockchain.

No KYC, no deposit, no withdrawal but huge liquidity right from your TRON wallet.

Trading TRON tokens has never been easier and better, hasn’t it?

Below you can find the technical details of this upgrade:

  • Add Binance’s Liquidity to the current pairs WIN/TRX and BTT/TRX
  • Add new trading pairs, WIN/USDT, BTT/USDT and TRX/USDT, also connected with Binance’s Liquidity
  • Upgrade Smart Contract to enable adding liquidity of other exchanges, for example Huobi and Poloniex, in the future
  • Fix various bugs to improve Zethyr performance

We believe Zethyr Exchange 2.0 will bring Zethyr to the next level and we can’t wait to have you in this journey with us.

With love and coffee from the Zethyr Team,




Zethyr is a decentralized exchange in the TRX blockchain. Zethyr generates dividends to ZTR token holders that have the token staked in their website. ZTR can be received by simply trading in one of their current available markets.

Management team

The team is non anon.

Personal notes

17/10/2019 – Zethyr just announced the addition of TronTopia’s tokens. I have a feeling that this exchange will dominate TRX two months from now.