TRON Acquires DLive

TRON just announced their most recent acquisition of DLive, a popular blockchain-based content sharing platform that is already very known in the crypto scene. DLive and BitTorrent will now work together in merging their best technologies to foster mass adoption. DLive will now use BitTorrent’s decentralized storage solution (BTFS).

DLive has grown in the past 15 months having over five million monthly recurring users. They also have mobile apps with real active users.

According to the migration timeline, DLive will merge its account system with BitTorrent’s. This is an undervalued move as people start using the official BitTorrent clients to seed other types of contents while making revenues and getting introduced to the whole TRX Dapp ecosystem.

This is a really good acquisition by TRON. I’m eager to see and use the final product.

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