TRON Dapp Data Summary 2018 vs 2019

TRON’s pace of development is set to continue increasing as 2020 rolls around. TRON’s mainnet launch was in 2018, and, since then, the number of Dapps and transactions has been increasing organically over time.

With the most recent acquisition of DLive the number of transactions is about to increase significantly until the end of this quarter.

Setting the stage for future blockchain project acquisitions, TRON Foundation might be interested in other takeovers thereby increasing the number of transactions even further. The deployment of sidechains is essential to support this strategy of mass conquest.

We are witnessing the maturation of blockchain tech, not as single feature but as a tech platform to be built upon, to extend and enhance current products on the market.

TRON is looking really good right now versus other blockchains with no Dapps, ecosystem or proper leadership vision and guidance. Hard to believe I was here before the mainnet launch and other chains have done practically zero.

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